The Ultimate Guide to Gold IRA Rollovers

Are you an investor who is concerned about the financial outlook of the future? Well, you are not alone. As a matter of fact, many people believe that the economy is a precarious system of monetary policies that is ever poised for unexpected change. As a result, gold IRA rollovers are becoming more common for those who wish to safeguard their assets. 

Much like other financial ventures, it is important to make decisions based on your current circumstances, especially if you are considering a rollover. This means you must have some knowledge of the market as well as what it takes to convert your assets into gold. Fortunately, Regal Assets has a team of specialists available to assist you with the details of your account. In the meantime, here are some basic guidelines that will help you clarify your expectations.

gold IRA rollovers

How Are Transfers Different Compared to Gold IRA Rollovers?

In terms of an IRA, a transfer is a direct flow of money that allows assets to move from one custodian to another. As long as you already have an IRA, this can be done at any time with no restriction on the number of transactions. However, a transfer does not carry the same tax benefits as a rollover. Furthermore, funds can only be received if the original custodian makes a distribution check out using the name of the new trustee.

A rollover, on the other hand, is a distribution that you receive from an existing IRA and then deposit into a custodial account. Gold IRA rollovers are often a safer alternative than transfers, but Regal Assets is equipped to handle both types of transaction if necessary. In addition, you will have 60 days to deposit your funds into a new account or you will be responsible for any penalties associated with the withdrawal. Due to the tax-deferred status of your plan, you can rollover the same funds after a period of 12 months.

Why Do You Want to Invest in Gold Assets?

Coming up with an investment strategy is also a critical part of converting your assets. For most people, there are three main motivations behind gold IRA rollovers.

Physical bullion is one of the best ways to diversify your portfolio. Do not expect long-term protection from biased investments. Instead, use at least five percent of your total capital to purchase precious metals.

People fear the demise of the U.S. dollar. Paper currency is becoming unreliable in the eyes of consumers, causing many investors to commit 10% of their portfolio toward gold assets.

Some investors believe that the price of gold will continue to rise in the near future. If you are looking for a significant return, dedicating more than 20% of your portfolio is recommended for gold IRA rollovers.

By identifying your reasons for investing, you are able to plan ahead and prepare for this crucial financial transition. If you are not sure why you want a rollover, there’s no use in worrying about the how it might affect you in the long run.

Understanding Government Restrictions

Another factor to consider when it comes to a gold IRA is what types of precious metals are approved by the government for inclusion in your plan. According to the IRS, these strict standards are meant to guarantee the authenticity of coins and bullions. Assets that are acceptable for gold IRA rollovers include:

• Australian Nugget coins
• Austrian Philharmonic coins
• Canadian Maple Leaf coins
• Credit Suisse or PAMP Suisse bars (0.999)

• Unslabbed American Eagle coins
• U.S. Buffalo Uncirculated coins (excluding proofs)
• Bars with a finesse of 0.995 or higher from an accredited manufacturer

You might be wondering how this affects you before you have funded your account, but to understand the true value of your investment, you also have to know what kind of purchases you will be making. Just because a coin or bar is made from gold does not mean it is qualified for inclusion with gold IRA rollovers. A classic example is the annual practice of issuing proofs. These specially minted coins are available on a limited basis, but they’re value is based on condition and demand rather than the precious metal content.

How a Gold IRA Rollover Contributes to Your Retirement

Now that you know how a rollover works and what types of assets are approved by the IRS, you have come to the heart of the matter for a majority of investors. With so many potential setbacks in today’s economy, how will your retirement plan benefit with gold IRA rollovers? Here are four advantages that will convince you to include physical bullion in your portfolio.

There is always plenty of demand for precious metals as a means of preserving wealth. In fact, mining and production has become a less prominent industry over the years, which means gold will continue to rise in price. As a result, you may stand to gain a substantial profit from your investment.

It is easy to liquidate gold. The general increase in demand has investors clamoring to acquire new assets, trading and selling bullion to maximize their overall return. In essence, gold IRA rollovers can be quickly converted back to cash simply by liquidating your existing assets.

A diverse retirement portfolio is the best way to guarantee stability no matter what happens with your finances. A certificate of ownership is no substitute for the physical claim represented by gold-based investments. A good rule of thumb is to use between 5% and 20% of your funds for gold bullion and coins.

Gold provides reliable protection that cannot be compromised by changing economic standards. There is no danger of depreciation or devalued currency. It also acts as a hedge against hyperinflation.

Enjoy the Security of Gold IRA Rollovers

If you think you could benefit from a diverse, gold-based portfolio, Regal Assets is prepared to give you a hand with the details. The process is quick and stress-free so you can start purchasing gold coins and bullion as soon as possible. In no time, you will see how your assets can be transformed into the vision of peace and sustainability.