Why Buy Gold and Silver?

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Smart investors buy gold and silver for several reasons. Gold and silver are true money, meaning that, unlike paper money, they have intrinsic value. The past 15 years have shown that extreme economic instability is possible even in modern times. We have witnessed the tech bubble burst, the stock markets crash, and in other countries, extreme devaluation of paper currency. “Billionaires” in Zimbabwe may not be able to afford a loaf of bread with their paper money because inflation is so high. Even assets once considered to be very safe investments, such as housing and land, have proven to be potentially unstable and prone to market fluctuations, as we saw during the housing market crash and economic recession of 2008. People with homes worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars were forces to file for bankruptcy because of the irresponsibility of bankers and mortgage lenders. It is terrifying to think that the state of the economy is so far removed from your own control.

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Avoiding Inflation

Even in times of relative economic stability, inflation is consistent, meaning your paper money is worth less every day. Buying gold and silver is a way to not only protect the money you already have, but to see it grow. It is insurance against ever-changing markets, unstable political climates and even war. Precious metals have had value all over the world and throughout history. Buying silver is a particularly smart investment due to its affordability. Because it is more financially attainable, people across the globe are able to invest in it. This accessibility increases the demand and thereby increases its value over time as resources are limited.

Unlike many other precious metals, silver also has extensive practical applications due to its extraordinary qualities. It is widely used in medical tools, dental fillings, and even in clothing due to its anti-bacterial properties. Silver is an exceptional conductor, and is used in solar energy cells. Its involvement in renewable energy is another guarantee for the growing demand for it as fossil fuels slowly become phased out by more environmentally sustainable options. Additionally, many widely used electronics, such as laptops and cell phones contain small amounts of silver that are rarely re-used, thereby increasing demand without a return to the supply. The variety of uses for silver guarantee that even if the use of silver in a particular application were to slow down, there is enough general demand for it to make it a product with stable and ever-increasing value.

Why Buy Gold and Silver Online?

When you buy gold and silver online, you have 24-hour access to the market. Prices online are updated constantly according to the market so you can be sure you are getting the most up-to-date value. Buying online allows you access to a variety of gold and silver products. You may not find this kind of variety or supply of what you’re looking for in brick and mortar stores because they may have run out or not carry what you want, and you might have to go to several shops to find what you are looking for. It is much easier to choose online the type and quantity of silver you would like to purchase, whether its coins, bars, junk silver, or other products. Everything is right at your fingertips.

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Buying gold and silver online is much less stressful. It’s easy to browse through the selection without the pressure of a salesperson or the distraction at a shop. You have the power to make your own educated decisions without someone telling you what you want. An accredited online store is a trusted resource, and you can be confident of their accountability and of the quality and genuine nature of their products. When you buy gold and silver online, you save yourself time and energy, and are much more likely to find exactly what it is that you want.

How much should you buy?

You can purchase silver in a variety of different forms, the most popular being bars (also referred to as bullion), and coins of varying proof or levels of purity. You can also invest in antique or rare coins, which have collector value in addition to their precious metal value, and junk silver coins, which have only the value of their silver content.

When you buy silver bars, the general rule is that you get better purchase value as the bars increase in size. Silver coins can also increase greatly in value as a collectible. Coins that are rare are considered special and worth more over time because there are so few of them. 

Buying Silver For Retirement

Buying silver for retirement is an extremely intelligent investment. As mentioned before, silver is indispensable in the fields of medicine and electronics, so the demand can only increase over time. The silver market is global; unlike stocks and bonds, its value is not beholden to the economic conditions in just one country. For this same reason, buying silver for retirement is a safer option than investing in an IRA or 401(k), which are susceptible to market fluctuations. Your retirement funds should not be a gamble, yet in the past ten years many people nearing retirement saw their funds plummet due to the changes in the stock market, leading to what many experts call a “retirement crisis.”

IRA’s and 401(k)’s have strict restrictions and penalties for withdrawing funds before a set date, even though it is your money. When you buy silver for retirement, you can rest assured that the money is in your own hands and you can access it whenever you need it. Your retirement funds are yours and you should have the freedom to access your own money without penalty. In this unstable world, you may not be able to count on many of the investments we once believed were safe: stock markets, housing markets, and government retirement resources such as Social Security. Even though you cannot predict what the economy will be like after your retirement, you can count on gold and silver to hold its value.