Investing in Gold for Your IRA

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Your IRA, or individual retirement account can have the security of gold when you open a gold IRA. With the help of a retirement expert from Regal Assets, you can have a gold IRA guide to help you invest in gold. Because gold maintains its value more steadily than paper assets such as stocks or bonds, having gold and other precious metals in your retirement account is a sound investment. Smart investors use a gold guide and know that diversification of assets is vital for success in saving for the future. Because gold is less likely to suffer from inflation because it maintains value across geopolitical borders, gold is a secure form of currency to add to your savings portfolio. Countries and governments throughout the world are investing in gold and increasing the demand for gold jewelry. You, too, can invest in gold and secure your future in the stability inherent in gold and silver and other precious metals. The two main ways of making an investment in gold are to purchase gold which is delivered to your door and to purchase gold that is held in your IRA. This article will discuss both the purchasing of physical gold coins or bars and the rollover of your IRA into a gold IRA.

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Invest in Physical Gold

The traditional method for investing in gold is to simply purchase the physical gold pieces and have them delivered to your home. When you buy gold bullion or gold coins or bars, you have the peace of mind that accompanies being able to see and handle the gold itself. With the help of a gold investment guide from Regal Assets, you can judge the best type of gold for you to order. Bullion refers to gold bars or silver bars in a bulk quantity measured by weight.

Trustworthy sources for gold are the manufacturers that are accredited by various international gold accreditation institutions. These institutions set and promote quality standards for bullion bars of gold and silver. One such association is the London Bullion Market Association which helps to facilitate and ensure consistency for wholesale trading of gold and silver. Gold bullion as well as gold coins can be purchased and traded as an investment. Coins can be traded easily because their face value is minted in the design, whereas bold bars have a higher intrinsic value and can be difficult to deliver because of their weight. The intrinsic value of the gold in a coin or bullion or bar may be far higher than the face value of a coin, however, so it is a good idea to have both bullion and coins in precious metals as part of your investments.

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Gold in Your IRA Account

In addition to having and securing physical gold, you will want to include gold in your IRA. Because paper currencies are inherently unstable and subject to inflation and failure, your tax-advantaged investment in gold is absolutely worthwhile. When a bank has the power to print and distribute money and control the interest rates, you start to see a devaluing of the paper money. This type of devaluing of currency is not an issue when you are in possession of gold in your IRA. A gold guide can show how gold and other precious metals have lasting, intrinsic value and will weather economic crises better than paper assets such as stocks or bonds. With the assistance of a gold IRA investor guide from Regal Assets, you will be able to understand how to set up your own gold IRA account. The government of the United States allows for individuals to hold certain precious metals in your retirement accounts. These include specific gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars. The coins that can be held in your IRA do not all have to be minted in the United States by the US government. Among the types of coins allowed in an IRA are the American Eagle coins, the Australian Kangaroo coins, the Austrian Philharmonic coin, the Canadian maple leaf coin, and the U.S. Buffalo Gold uncirculated coins. In addition to coins, a person can have bullion or bars and rounds of precious metals in their retirement accounts. The bars and rounds that can be stored in your IRA must be produced by accredited manufacturers and have .995 and higher fineness for gold.

When you set up your IRA to include gold and other precious metals, you have several options. A gold IRA guide can help you select the best type of storage for your gold. The IRS requires that IRA funds and gold be in the custody of a trustee or custodian such as a bank, credit union, savings and loan association, or other entity approved to act as a trustee by the IRS. Your gold may be stored along side the assets of others or segregated to be help separately from other people’s gold and assets. Typically, your account will need a large insurance policy and include security features like locks, 24 hour monitoring, and motion detectors.

Set Up A Gold IRA Today

Gold has increased in value of 400 percent in recent decades, and it can make your IRA inflation-proof. When you use a gold guide from Regal Assets and allow them to help you secure your retirement account against market crashes with physical gold and silver, you are making a smart choice that can keep you and your family safe and prosperous in the future. A gold IRA investment guide from Regal Assets can help get your started in planning for adding gold to your IRA. Associates at Regal Assets are able to assist you as gold guides in determining how to create and maintain a store of gold in your IRA. Whether you use a traditional IRA or a ROTH IRA, you can add gold and silver to your account. A gold IRA holds its value as the price and value of gold has increased since recent market downturns. Setting up your gold IRA is easy and can be done online. Contact Regal Assets to get the appropriate paperwork started.